Feb 24, 2021 7:30 AM
Dan Gibbs, Exec. Director, Colo. Dept. Nat. Res.
Colorado Department of Natural Resources

Former Rotary .Club of Vail member Dan Gibbs, who is now the Executive Director, Colorado Department of Natural Resouces, will speak abou the department and his activities since he left the Club.  Dan has served in the Colorado House of Representatives, has been Summit County Commissioner, and is a certified wildland firefighter.  He's a graduate of Western State Colorado University, has completed the Harevord Kennedy School Senior Executives in State and Local Government program and is a Marshall Memorial Fellow.  


Dan enjoys all that living in the high country has to offer, including skiing, running mountain biking, hunting and fishing.  He's a resident of Breckenridge where he lives with his wife Johanna, daghter Grace, and son Tate.