Vail Rotary Club sponsors the high school education for Nyiel Garang Leek in South Sudan
The Vail Rotary Club has committed to sponsoring a young woman in South Sudan for her high school education.   2019 -2020 marks  the Club's second year.
For more information on how you can be involved:
Please read Nyiel's essay.
Student Essay Form
Spring 2019
Name: Nyiel Garang Leek                                                         
Girls’ Group Name: Future of the Societies
GAP Essay Topic: Human trafficking  
GAP Essay Question/Prompt:
          1. What is human trafficking?
          2. Why is human trafficking bad and world concern?
Your Response:
  • Human trafficking is the violence against women and girls around the world and cause conflict among neighboring within the countries sharing the same boarder.
  • Human trafficking is world concern because enslaving someone through force, labor or prostitution is bad and unacceptable around the world.
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Her Profile:
Project Education South Sudan
Project Education South Sudan (PESS) and She’s the First (STF), support girls all over the world. We share inspirational thoughts and ideas from girls in our programs—girls like you! When people support PESS and STF, they’ll get to learn more through your answers to these questions. Your answers will be shared, so you should only include what you are happy to tell many people.
Thank you for sharing your ideas and helping us to make a better world!
What is your name?   
  • Nyiel Garang Leek
How old are you?  
  • 19 years old
Where do you live when you’re not at school?
  • I live at home at Tibek area in Bortown
What is your dream job?
  • My dream job is to become a governor of jonglei state because I like to lead people and solve community’s issues.
Who is a woman you admire?
  • I admire Atong Kuol - is the minister of information in jonglei state and because how she represent the state issues and she is also working according to the interest of people and women in particular.
What clubs or sports are you involved in at school? Do you have any other hobbies you’d like to tell us about?
  • I’m in debating club and I also have others hobbies which include handball and netball.
How are you a leader in your classroom or community?
  • I’m a choir in a church and also member of youth in the community and am working hard to become a head of youth association. When I achieved that I position of youth leader I will rule fairly without discrimination, racism regardless of social and gender.
What social issue do you care most about and why?
  • I do care most about girls education in our community where girls are left behind and boys are taken to school for studies. Am arguing with my people to take all the children to school in order to end gander inequality in the community.